What 2017 will bring?

The Sanity of Man. Each one wants to know,
what 2017 will bring. – Daniel Mankani

Such is the time, of the year, where every great mystic,
wants to try out his mind. He predicts the future.
What he is really identifying; it’s the trend. Is it not?

The Path of Least Resistance.

Its not hard, but its all there to see. But you choose sometimes, to do not,
maybe on the basis of fear, of what, your mind might see.

Fact is; Nothing is by surprise, but by design.
And those design patterns are all out there, for every one to see.

Here is an example; of what we have witnessed, over the last few years to a decade.

Trends. Geo-Politics.
1990-2000 {Russia withdraws from Afghanistan, after a defeat, Russia was kept engaged in Afghanistan for so long, that in fact, it ran out of money, This was the Russian default and the collapse of USSR.

{ Fact is; Russia was by design, kept engaged for so long, only cause of the Taliban, which was a proxy warrior team of the CIA, Russia was already engaged in a losing war, a war, where a systematic disciplined force, couldn’t perform against guerilla tactics of the rebels, which made Russia run out of Afghanistan in DEFEAT, and this only happened within 12 months, of the rebels, obtaining the stinger missiles, cause it was by design, that engaging your enemy on the battle field, for so long, that it expends all its energy and depletes all its resources, will eventually ensure its collapse, a strategy deployed in the art of warfare for centuries. Hence, despite the Americans owning such missiles as far back as the early 1980’s, they didn’t give those to the Taliban earlier than 1989, hence the reasoning is a good strategy, played out of design, a pattern can now be recognized, if this ever happens, ever again. }

2000-2008 {America finds itself under attack in 2001. Its response; starts another war in Afghanistan, against the very rebels, that they once owned. Next comes a war in Iraq, then, comes the 2007-2008 Great Depression.

{ Fact is; America finds itself as the only super power, which then; engages in various overseas expensive, non productive adventures. Many of them engaged in without any reasoning, just the drums of war for no apparently reason, possibly GREED, all legalised on by great speculation, acts of crime was been committed in the name of democracy for the world. America over the last centuries have bombed more than 50 countries, just to retain, its hold as a super power. Truth is America; is on a decline as it lost its, higher ground of morality, its adventures in Iraq, were build on false premises and greed, since most politicians of that time, were all involved in IRAQ deals, this by itself, became exposed and everyone, who had the eyes to see, , this then in itself, empowered the world. One by one, everyone questioned, What Moral Authority, whenever America called out a Red Line, no one took heed, Today; America is on a state of decline, a vanishing super power, and with huge debts on its head.

2008-2012 { Global Revolutions brought about by extreme high commodity prices, partially caused by the EL NINO, affect. Revolutions broke out in almost all parts of the middle east, all within a very short time. And the ramifications of those, looked like it could also happen worldwide simultaneously.

 So where do we stand today…?.
Especially on the USA-RUSSIA relations. Its for every reason, that Russia may have / will intervene in the USA Elections, after all they do have, every intent and motivation to do so, this is something, that all of us, have to understand.

Note just before the top, first came greed. Pride before the fall.
../to be continued.

{See Riding The Second Wave, to avoid the suspense. After GREED,. comes HOPE in the series, which will be the time, of 2017 and beyond.
The Path of Least Resistance.

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