Talent Shortage – A very interesting Opportunity.

Its no denial there is a global talent shortage, bought about the quicken pace of technology, which makes everything obsolete before it’s “use by past date”, making it increasingly difficult for companies to fulfill talent requirements in the workplace. What is also interesting is that, as the ease of use of technology increases, the need to use complicated old time technology becomes increasingly a redundant process, in other words, development software of current years, in its drag and drop format, is making technology students increasingly dumber than the past, whilst it also does positively open up new interesting features for the current generational use, it also makes the creators using these new easy technology development tools, alot of dumber. 

As if that is not enough, computer education offered today, is already past its 36 months time frame, therefore new graduates who do come up, lack not the current tech trends, but there is alot of catching up to do, since they also lack some serious coding experience.

If so, how does a company like ours fulfill out growth plans.!

The answer may just be, how BTAMSC defines its growth plans………. with the data below.
1. A good software consists of engagement and innovative approaches to solve a current problem.