Signs of the Euphoric. The Bust is almost near!

Signs of the Euphoric. The Bust is almost near! – Daniel Mankani.

These activities cannot continue, Euphoria with Fear is taking hold.

Its called. FOMO! Fear of Missing Out.

Time and time again, we have witnessed the repeat of similar patterns.

There comes a time where irrationality takes hold and common sense has no holding, the two most talked about tech trends for the year 2017 is blockchain and artificial intelligence.

There are genuine concerns to what man has become in its evolution and we may very well be at the very early beginnings in the making of the zombies.

Artificial Intelligence drives human behaviour and thought, which in turn motivates processes.

This is¬†leading many to develop¬†illusionary perceptions and making one¬†live “Imaginary Illusionary Life’s”.

Albeit temporary, {Perception vs Reality:}

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Netflix, Apple and Google as the gatekeepers into these realms.

Kingdom’s of Imaginary Secondary Life’s we call them. Each manipulating human thought in¬†their own selfish¬†interest to survive!.

Unbeknownst to them about their creative actions is leading many into zombies world.

The concerns of many are genuine, what if, just what if, someone gets stuck inside VR for a month.

What will become of such person? and yes the web is 70% porn and paedophilia rules elites minds, pizzagate they call this.

Guccifer 2.0 recent hacks into the DNC one of many, Elections Swinging, Panama Papers, USA Cables, Snowden and WikiLeaks.

They all Exist yet none¬†is¬†talking¬†about this in¬†“MainStream!”. What doesn’t fit into the narrative is referred to as¬†“Fake News”.

Human Consciousness has to evolve above the machines and it will when it has too. Take a look at this.


As Alan Watts Rightly Explains;

We as Humans have to agree to disagree collectively.

Our evolutionary speed has caught up with us and will soon drive us in the mode for self survival.

Humans have to collectively evolve both ruled and rulers.

The technology revolution is underway. Its not hard to see the affects of the current trends.

  1. Awakening of human consciousness and the risk to established order.
  2. The non presence of any international law and order. US Supremacy is been questioned.
  3. A new global transformative economy largely driven by technology.

2012 was just the beginning of such awakening and now we are picking up speed and momentum.

Capitalism and the need for power has always lead to Cannibalism.

Humans on the other hand tend to evolve at rapid speed only at the precipice of change.

We are complacent beings otherwise, we don’t prepare for exams next year but when it arrives.

Its only with pain that we change. This time will be no different.

A revolutionary change is upon us in the manner we conduct Life’s and Society.

At no time in History, we see so many changes around us.

  1. Chaos in more than 50 countries around the world.
  2. Loss of faith in Government and Money. Blockchain, Bitcoin and Crypto currencies.
  3. Unprecedented central bank stimulus policies and malinvestment in financial markets.
  4. Ongoing wars and regional political disputes in the Entire Middle East.
  5. Massive amount of migration across borders changing local landscapes with economic migrants and war refugees.
  6. Populism is on the rise in the west due to economic insecurity. Nationalism for others seeking concentration of power.

From the evolution of thought came the questioning on the validity of Money, the reflection of which is fear and greed driven, see crypto currencies, especially bitcoin.

Bitcoin and Crypto currencies are adopted by many¬†questioning¬†central banks¬†accountability¬†on the results of¬†their excessive printing of government fiat money,¬†unprecedented as it, its¬†unaccountable¬†to a much certain degree¬†and one of the main reasons of¬†malinvestment {ňĆmal…™nňąv…õstm(…ô)nt/ } across many sectors.

Hence tapering has begun and the singing tunes of interest rate hikes.

The problem is in the narrative, that indeed the economy has recovered completely and¬†whether human life is in any better conditioning, than before,¬†it’s not.

Over the last decade¬†since the great financial crisis, wealth inequality has grown, climate change is much more evident, economic transformation is ongoing, whereby we move away from manufacturing jobs into the service economy, which in turn is forecasted to be largely “digitally driven”¬†, this mass shift has resulted¬†into disastrous affects on employability and¬†depression like conditions in¬†many parts of society.

“HAVE” and “HAVE NOTs” have grown,¬†leading into another set of disastrous clearly visible evident conditions, threatening established order across all sectors. Sometimes it feel’s like no one is in charge.


Are we in bubble territory yet?

It’s just not mathematically possible to continue down this path or else big revolution is coming for the elites. This is history! Patterns and cycles repeat, if true a massive culling of the herd without one there can be no sustainability. We will run out of resources sooner or later, expansion can never be to infinity, yet our billionaires are euphorically looking to mine asteroids in space. If this is not pure insanity then what is?

Global Wealth Disparity. The Pyramid!
Share of top shareholders global wealth.
The Top of the Pyramid.

Sooner or later income disparity will lead to little in disposable income and next comes the bust in the consumer driven economy.

Global Wealth Pyramid.
Regional membership of global wealth.
Number of dollar millionaires, % global total.
Change by country.
Ultra High Net Worth.

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Technopreneurship – The Successful Entrepreneur in the New Economy – Daniel Mankani. Published 2003. Pearson Education Asia – All rights, copyright reserved Daniel Mankani { ISBN0-13-046545-3 }
Chapter The Greed >>> Technopreneurship-The Successful Entrepreneur In The New Economy.

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Revolutionary Transformation Ongoing.
‚Äď Global Economic Collapse January 18, 2016

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