Revolutionary Transformation Ongoing – Global Economic Collapse

Revolutionary Transformation Ongoing – Global Economic Collapse

How to Profit in Chaos! By; Daniel Mankani

The global economy is extremely weak and data from the last quarter too has been in dismay, the second greatest collapse, since the great depression is now under way. Published on: Jan 18, 2016 @ 03:20

The Financial press; since the start of the year has been very brutal for believers of buy and hold strategies, which rewards even dumb and stupid money, right up till the final rounds of a market bubble. Its no secret, the first investors in a new idea, concept or economic cycle, tend to take the biggest amount of risk and make the smallest amount of returns and its the secondary investors who ride the bandwagon, that reap most of the other rewards. In any case, yields and revenue diminishing is happening at a rapid pace and there are various contagious events occurring altogether at the same time. This entire collapse is now global, the game of illusionary growth based on inflation is over.

All types of power structures around the world over are been challenged and are been questioned, the ongoing economic transformation has also contributed to a huge amount of confusion among the populace, as well as among policy makers, whose actions are simply reactionary, there is no grand plan of conspiracy, a lot of these events can be simply called destructive synchronisers, which although they may look connected, but there are not, Yet they do occur, call it your Global BLACK SWAN.

{ Review our original warning on this subject, we predicted back in 2003. /technopreneurship-development/ | To download PDF version of this chapter, click here. }

In this article, our focus is not to forecast further doom and gloom, mainstream media already is doing that for us and they do this, as justification and after the fact, BTAMSC also has a business plan { SNAPWIRE } in this sector to address their inefficiencies. What we want to rather focus on is the opportunities present in the new growth markets, mainly the sharing economy, that has emerged out of this downturn. We believe this trend will continue and the many ways to profit from it.

What we have to actually realise is that in all of this doom and gloom there are huge opportunities. The rules of engagement are been changed on various spectrum’s, who is in charge? Actually, there is no one. America too has lost it’s own plot, what began as an attempt to expand american hegemony, after the attacks of 2001, America has now falled flat on its face.

With America’s collapse, rogue governments worldwide have tried and continue to stifle innovation as a means to remain in power, they fail to realize the old modus operandi of the economy works no more, no more certain elites in power can create monopolistic structures to protect their own self interest via cronies, they instead need to realize the time of transparency has arrived, no more under hand dealings and open up to technological driven, knowledge based economy, they so much paraded in the years prior and when that time has arrived, are they so scared now to correct the inefficiencies of the past, There has never been an escape from change, resists as much, as you will, it only brings about more pain, evolutionary change is inevitable.


to be continued…..

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Revolutionary Transformation Ongoing.
– Global Economic Collapse  January 18, 2016

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Technopreneurship Development – Daniel Mankani.
– Published Sep 2003. Pearson Education Asia



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