Perception vs Reality

Perception of the Mind. Daniel Mankani.

Perception of the mind, no one can answer. What is wrong or right?, What is the right way forward, No one can tell you?. Is it not?

What you know, is due to some external influences, some experiences of strong emotion of the past, deeply ingrained, which drives your next perception, idea or thought, in the direction, towards the direction, of your own self made fantasy, creation or concept, which was in someway, important to know, and impact, which came about or budded up from that, deeply ingrained emotional impact, that you somehow experienced, and this became, your first budding memory of pain and brought about fear.

While, me too am experiencing an enlightening moment, on this subject, me too am searching, for the definite answer, me too, am driven by thoughts of perception and reality, experiences, which too, came from somewhere.

Crooks of every kind, manipulators of the human mind.

I would also like to believe that, this is my own creation and i am a genius, too.

Look, see, do like me. Truth is; this knowledge, that I have recently acquired, is also a creation of my recent developments.

Its all an influence from somewhere, somewhere external.

There are no coincidences, or luck by chance, its strategic.¬†And as an analyst, its one’s¬†task to question everything.

And as a trader, we trade only in the direction of the trend. if last bar is up?. Are you long or short, on the current bar? Are you against the trend? or in favour of the cycle?.

What is your longer term objective? Where do you think, its heading?, Where is your STOP?

Do you have trades on the trend or against it?
And, Why?

The game of Speculation; is a constant battle of perception vs reality.

Trade the path of least resistance is the cardinal rule always,¬†what happened past, is likely to follow, to continue,¬†amid some setbacks, on the journey, observe the momentum, to tell you,¬†when it bends. Human Behaviour is ingrained, markets don’t change,¬†till human’s do.

Know the BEAST!. If you are looking for hocus pocus, then its hope playing out ON you,

know HOPE, cause that is what 2017 will bring. 2017 will remove the illusion of authority, the illusion of economic recovery, which then begets, a revolutionary, creative destructive move to the downside. Starting anytime, just about now.


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