Vasco da gama in reverse. Lisbon

Making money the last 30 yrs was easy, just go to a new land, check population density and growth, buy the biggest you can afford and wait.¬†10-15 yrs later, move away from the centre of gravity, go 5-10 kms out and rinse and repeat. The results were you could obtain an even bigger house with cash in the bank.¬†Ah, now the coming times are different. It’s calls for another new strategy. Population growth is in decline worldwide and migration highest.¬†Where will the new centre of gravity be?, this is the bet for the next coming decades.¬†Lisbon is tech booming as we all can see.



Vasco da gama in reverse.

There is dynamism on the streets of Lisbon. A couple of years ago, Portugal was on its knees, begging for mercy, help me!.

Suddenly out of no where, the tech scene is booming, people migrating in from all across the world, call them digital nomads who are attracted to the beautiful country, even beautiful Madonna of “Pappa don’t Preach” has now headed there and what’s even more amazing is that, it all turned for the better for them without any government intervention or promotions, such as those running across the world by various silicon valley wanna bee’s. Its Amazing.

Digital Nomads

In the world without borders, its without barriers and monopolies protecting the inefficient. The days of segregation are behind us once we collective travel to the new destination. In our world, in the Knowledge Based Economy, Our Talent remains global and Capital will always follows it.

Our key task is to make identify redundant processes and make them obsolete. Our Value creation will Meet Success. Our Technology Deployment demands Speed.

Its Human Evolution not Revolution. Will you sink or swim?. Lisbon is Where We Shall All Meet. 

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