Gold breaks 1226.

Most traders have just returned after the long Chinese New Year holidays.

Today, Asia

Is a force to reckon with, namely South East Asia, with Hong Kong leading, Singapore, Tokyo, Shanghai, Mumbai and Kuala Lumpur are increasingly becoming Financial Capital Centre’s and holidays here are often in tandem with quite low volumes in;


And America’s Market.

What does this mean? Your guess is as good as mine. – Daniel Mankani

In any case, Chinese New Year holidays always bring memories of

China tweaked some of its short term interest rates to the upside and gold has now broken out of its top max resistance. In December 2016, we highlighted, that; if Gold breaks above 1226, it will be time to pay attention on matters of geo-political, deteriorating international relations and may provide clues of picked up momentum, massive confusion and chaos in global order and this will; also indicate the coming peak in the US dollar. The US dollar is indeed the greatest bubble of our time’s.

And Its not coincidental that the greatest bankruptcy expert reins leadership on the most bankrupt nation on the planet. It may seem to you, that this is a coincidence, but as highlighted in various other past postings of ours, its not coincidence, but by design. Historically, there has been no country or empire that has come out unscathed by engaging in useless, expensive, overseas wars, which add to it no added benefit, but just providing a feeling of┬ábenevolence. That’s America for you, today!.

What is Dynamic Trader, Trend Trading Dynamics & Disclaimer’s

Stocks are flashing RED.

Albeit, this chart is from 2013.


Stocks have been kept elevated by global central banks buying equities with both fists. This regular interventionist activities by such groups, is an attempt to create a misunderstanding and drive a perception, with the hope, that it manifests itself, that all is well.

Such is an experiment, that former Federal Reserve chairman, Mr Ben Bernanke undertook, in order not to let the economy hurt, as badly, as it did, in the great depression.

Dollar Yen Threatening Weekly Lows. Its not only gold. Flashing RED.

The equity market and its underlying is fundamentally driven, you can only create an illusion and as much so, only till, such a time, that the illusion can take hold by itself and manifest itself, but when you have multiple time cycles coinciding at the same time and they are against it, such an attempt can indeed lead to a much undesirable behaviour and a threatening outcome, which again, by itself, repeats itself.

Foolhardy, as it all seems now. Not only Stocks, debt and money too is manipulated at much greater levels.

Even back then in the roaring twenties, there was also a Mr; Bernanke back then, who also would have tried his hand at the shadow game of perception management. past charts are simply, reflective of those times, which again repeat itself with greater volatility.

./update.21:50hrs KL: Remember this; The down move will announce itself with a min of 2% move.
Additionally, US Stocks have not have had a 1% move over the last 43 days.

What does this mean? Your guess is as good as mine.

Key Stats.
Gold Key Levels: 1180.55 {Support}
1260 { Pivotal Resistance |
2017 Low: 1146.05 | High: 1244.76
2016 Low: 1060.54 | High: 1375.17
Historical High: 1920.74 {09/2011}
Recent Bottom: 1046.18 {12/2015}
Short Term Bias: Bullish / Peaking
Medium Term Bias: Bearish / Bottoming
Long Term Bias: Bullish.

When SPX breaks down, gold could be nearing 1243. A potential stopping zone within 1238-1243 region. If stalled, then 1218 needs to provide support, a move below here, opens up 1200 and 1185, fooled ya for X-Mas plays out. Am expecting two things at the same time.

A break of SPX as well as stalling of gold near 1238-1243 region. Now, although both markets are closely co-related, Ceteris Paribus; SPX down has seen gold bids at most times, this occurrence has been on a tick-by-tick basis and as if, GOLD is a safe haven / Trump INFLATION play.

With the current setup, there is now an even great possibility that gold break downs, as the fools rush in, setup completes in the stock and bonds markets.

Each and every time, right at the peak, first the stock market sells off and gold rises with noble intentions, once here too, fools rush in completes, the sell off begins, momentously driven further as the stock plunges takes greater hold. my speculative mind tells me, it may be right about this time the collapse hits, And we see gold too, sells off, this has happened at the apex of every peak. This coming sell off, could offer an even enhanced; buying opportunity.

No different this time.

./ We shall see.,


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