Foreign Exchange

Summary – Foreign Exchange remains one of the largest financial based services available to retail clients. With combined daily turnover in excess of 2 trillion dollars, FX based services remain a key profit driver for Financial Institutions and Banks treasury operations.

With Banks already invested a large capex in their global backoffice infrastructure, an alternative route for growth is in the retail online fx space. The Industry online is largely unregulated! From bucket shops operations out of Latvia and regulated paper endorsements from little recognized countries, such as Antigua or Mauritius, there is no safety of funds for customers, as the regulartory bodies have hardly any means to ensure the regulartory framework is adhered to. Scam artist and ponzi schemes alike, FX today, is peddled by unauthorized, unregulated parties and is just another scam.

All of this is an opportunity! For any reputable financial institution to participate in and expand, Read more about BTAMSC solutions in this area. From Prominent Domain Names such as FXTRADERS.COM to VC++ windows applications.

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