Trends: The entire system needs a reboot, a kick in the butt. moment.

The entire system needs a reboot, a kick in the butt, a wake up call,
”¬†LOOK!, All of this,¬†is a very big misunderstanding¬†“,
if you know what I mean. 

- daniel mankani, author, Knowledge Based Economy. Published on: Dec 20, 2016 @ 08:01

The news reports emerging are all crazy and those in power, have resorted to calling it FAKE NEWS.

Fine, one can agree to that, it could be false, but telling someone or deciding for someone else, what true and fake is already an attack on ones conscious, an individuals moral right of free will. Telling them not to think? and emphasizing is no wonder, why, there are indeed, so many zombies in every part of the system.

The entire educational system has wrongly assumed the role of telling everyone what is wrong and what is right, by practicing teaching of education by the means of memory recollection, instead of teaching students of How to think?. Once you destroy this thought process and try to define individuals further by leading them into higher educations, certification, then careers and professions, you are already creating zombies for the benefit of the masters of the system, serving up slaves, and controlling them by debt and fear of losing out to peer pressures, driving up their insecurities further and away from their own discovery, and then you still expect them to be efficient and innovative in their approaches. You are sitting on a big fat wish. 

No wonder we are now faced with the kick in the butt moment. Note, its you!, who took away, their moral right to think? And its you, who has now become the solution to everything, despite you been the one, who got everyone unto this path of mess, in the first place.

And its no surprise today, that the world is lacking solutions to all the worlds problems, cause the ones who are suppose to have solutions are the same ones, who actually got us into this mess in the first place, Is it Not?

Before, we go on with this discussion further, lets first analyse, what exactly is a zombie?

A zombie is a computer code that does things based on a rule based engine, it has no thought, no empathy, it just does what it’s told.

To add intelligence, you need to add, what and if scenarios.¬†And if you can cover all the possible, what and if scenarios, then you will encounter self intelligence and a self learning process begins, chip based systems refer to this as artificial intelligence, while humans don’t need to learn this as they have a natural ability to think, but it becomes a case of; use it or loose it, becoming a zombie.

On the other hand, a rule based approach, which is reactionary to current circumstances and with more code and more rules added on top of past errors as in order to cover the gaps as and when they become self evident, is a reactionary self preservation approach, So new rules are written on top of the current set of rules, and what you get is a systematic collapse, as each new rule added is in the interest of self preservation, in deception and deceit to address past flaws and what the system master doesn’t recognize or acknowledge his past mistakes, he then becomes bound to repeat them again, continuing down the path, not fixing but counteracting his past gaps, while opening up issues, leads the system to becoming bulky, non operative, buggy, and then a crash.

its a bad code, a destructive bad beast gene, A virus thought process. Monkey see and Monkey do. And a ZOMBIE!

The zombie virus is pursuing a systematic approach, reactionary and impulsive of destruction behavior in its self preservation mode. Its not not value creating or efficient in its design, its reactions are based on its current circumstances and the need to survive and it doesn’t understand its own current circumstances and understand all events are dynamically changing and as each new action or event is introduced into the equation making once again circumstances to change evolve dynamically in its the current and the future forms accordingly, while the past flaws still remain hidden. And that’s why, its often said; when the truth emerges, it always runs a shiver down your spine in this case complete loss of self preservation, misery and its own collapse.

Companies too.
Companies, who charge customers on the basis of their own costs, their rationality been their costs that they need to cover in order to survive instead of costs incurred in delivering value.

Governments too.
Self interest and reactionary policies are so much further away from the actual truth, the equilibrium of all things. A pattern quite evident for those who can see and its worldwide.

And Individuals.
They rather drop off the jobs force, become a non participation statistic, rather than take a job at a lowered pay, than get paid less than their own expectations to survive. It don’t matter to them, that taking a new job and a new job skill, will make them productive once again, yet; they prefer the path and the jobless pain’s it brings to them.

No one is to blame. Another misunderstanding. It will deliver the pain needed for change to occur and those who don’t evolve or do not want to evolve will find misery and its company and time and time again all failures are due to this repetitive destructive pattern of a Zombie.

Zombies! will eventually be all eradicated and after some time they too will evolve and corrupt the system again. but not in the age of transparency, where all that you have done and will do. Is known to all.

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Technopreneurship Development ‚Äď Daniel Mankani.
– Published Sep 2003. Pearson Education Asia


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