Demystifying Artificial Intelligence in 2018 – Daniel Mankani

Demystifying Artificial Intelligence.

Technology Companies have a historical tradition of misleading and making, hyped up claims at Cycle Highs and Guilable investors have an impecable track record to buy at market highs, when the truth emerges, the collapse presents itself next most and almost always.

In the last dot com collapse it was Sun Microsystems, Oracle and various others who made claims which were un-truthful to some extend with stories re-cycled in sophistication to such an extend that its possible to say, that they sold more than they deserved, they sold much more of their companies products and shares both to guilable companies and investors, all driven by fear of missing out and this became the year 2000 dot com highs.

Demystifying Technology in 2002

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Just like today, Nvidia benefits over an economic activity that is not much more positive yielding, Nvidia has benefitted tremendously with the added usage of their graphic cards in the coin mining business which again in essense has very little added value when calculated with what its initial inputs costs are. The justification to seek is inputs vs outputs to determine overall beneficial efficiencies.

For more on this subject, see; BitCoin is a Fraud and Ponzi where we try to explain the cost benefit analysis of electricity costs versus value creation.

Today, the hype is on Artificial Intelligence and here at Banking Technologies Asia MSC we know a thing or two about artificial intelligence in the Financial markets, systems which we developed in the early 2000’s. We were also granted a government grant from the Malaysian Government to undertake such activities.

Multiple Artificial Intelligence in Forex Financial Markets Modelling,

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Data Analysis and Manipulative programs when systematically coded will also output a probabilistic viewpoint for exploitation. And the data inputted is garbage if selectively chosen to generate an outcome preferred, such actions will balantly corrupt the process, in the end whats outputted is just like garbage in, garbage out.

If, Cognitive bias prevails in the design of whichever AI system its bound to fail.

These thoughtful executing systems and the output of their probabilistic future trends are still Artificial in nature and the modes by which they can gather success are  probabilistically subjective. Success on the other hand is always one to be determined, however the edge exists due to knowing which future paths to take for best potentials.

That’s Artificial inteligence created.

Truth intelligence simply means, “I know more than you”. Think about it, if all of us knew the same things, that ain’t intelligence, its common knowledge, knowing more than the other is what is intelligence, so lets not have a┬ámisunderstanding to the defination of what Intelligence is?.

Caveat Emptor to all those chasing the moon.


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