A dangerous bend in the road.

Stock markets remain elevated, driven up euphoria on trumps victory, what it all is; This is HOPE, the period of disbelieve before reality.

A dangerous bend in the road. – Daniel Mankani.
Where am i going? There is a turn just ahead. Oh, its bending, I can’t see, where its going?

While the Dow Industrials remain near all-time highs, the Utilities are well off of their highs; this has signaled trouble in the past.

Once again, nothing is by chance, you may think coincidence, but lets speculate for a while, its all by design, shall we?

The demographics don’t tally, the system is build for only one way, a mechanism that just inflates, it is just infallible, and so, it may seem.

Then comes the bend on the road and you can’t see destination next and remain in hope, just soon, around the corner, I may be able to see, then it eludes you.

That’s what hope does, to you, is it not?. The Period of Hope has begun. {2017-2018}.
Hope report of 2001, dot com bust is here.

In our recent observations.

The Dow Closed above the 20000 MARK for the first time ever.
The Pound had one of the largest up move days since 1997.
And various such observations, this past week.


Opportunities are Present.

Almost a decade from the greatest recession the world has ever seen, markets are higher highs, property prices higher too and they are even headed higher. Governments or rather politicians have started once again with their populist spin and are resorting to blaming developers, property investors and civic approving bodies of irresponsibility and possibly greed. This happened in 2011-2013.

Various countries thereafter in Asia, implemented property cooling measures, first which began in Singapore, Hong-Kong and then spilled over to Malaysia. So, where do we stand today.

Despite all efforts for the property cooling measures, the fact remains that property prices remain elevated high, professional speculators have exited from the markets completely, while there have been pockets of weakness with some property players, who had not anticipated the affects of the cooling measures, coupled with the slowdown in the economy, as well as with the effects of economic transformation, this in essence is failure of not planning for the rainy day and akin to getting caught with your pant downs, those in such situations, find dire straits and are liquidating at any possible costs. Some breakage in the momentum is present and this will increase as we head lower.

Why: Understand this;

The economic transformation is having a deflationary total affect on the economy, jobs are lost in some sectors and possibly never coming back, Mr Trump with all good intentions, wanting to bring back jobs in America, make america great, -re-start the industrial revolution again, manufacturing jobs is what he is seeking, but aren’t those very same jobs, low end, blue collar types, that are increasingly, been made obsolete with the rise of the machines, 3D printing and the sorts.

Secondly; The economic transformation is a game changing event, some companies, individuals and even countries, not on the global radar before, have emerged with increasingly dominance, and as their momentum is based on rapid speed of deployment and fulfilment, they are taking over customers from someone, somewhere else, and those customers are never coming back.

/update: 16/4/2017;

It only took Trump!,
76 days to get on board.

Now he is full empire!

A total sell out“;
Is the word on the street.

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