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You have to change for the situation to change.
Inquiry | Understand Karma.

Just like success can be programmed, failures too, are running a program, which in affect is also a program, which exhibits success.

If you are repeating failing, then the cause is no one, but you, as you suffer from the affects of failure, due to your repetitive behaviour, if so, you can also be programmed to counteract those affects, to output the desired behaviour.

As a data analyst, this will make you, understand, that with the data presented, there is no coincidences, everything is well programmed, it’s just the data lying stale there, giving us our very own understanding, of what that is.

It also tells us, if yesterday is the same as today, then tomorrow will be the same, cause human behavior is the hardest to change.


These human behaviours, repeatedly provides us with trends, outputted at various sites of BTAMSC.

This is what we do, at banking technologies Asia. We study data, data that is clean, data that is not obtained, but gathered, studying human behavior, in current form and the past, and we store this data, and call this dataset1 {history}.

On any single day, we analyse practically everything, gathered in real time, these bots of ours, operate like spiders, they dive deep into the web, to collect everything. To know everything, and archive it into history.

We keep track of the news, via snapwire.com.

To analyse to {dataset1}, we add another sets of new data into it, our bots gather and keep track of comments on blogs and all forms of social media, and we store these as {dataset2} as name them as feelings, or thoughts.

With this new data, a new preservative is added into the spectrum, to identify, his reality, vis perception, we scrub the two datasets, against each other.

We get a pattern. A pattern of truth.

Introduction to Chart Paterns.

Most importantly, we get to develop, predictive technology, intelligence is been gathered on our system, by giving us the predicative capability, of determining the next probable outcome, with the relative degree of safety, of potential pitfalls, challenges that may arise, in the fulfillment of the most probable outcome and what if; how; and other potentially required, questions, can be outputted from such a system. The most probable trends, our current condition of inquiry, are again outputted for scrubbing, at  http://dynamictrader.com And http://dynamictrader.org, sites we operate since 1998/-.

As such, we run multiple tools of information gathering systems and run them against each other, to determine the path of most probable outcome, this is a trend, that we are attempting to identify, the path of least resistance.

Analysis is a subject of repeated inquiry, that is what it is. The questioning and repeated inquiry, of what if, why, and every such question is the subject of such inquiry, then this is what is outputted, its called Intelligence, a state of {I Know more than you.}.

We then add into {another dataset3} , we call this economy. We track financial data, of all nature.(p)

Financial s Comparison Analysis.

KINDLY ACKNOWLEDGE THIS SITES DISCLAIMER of Dynamictrader before proceeding to any of its archived content. Our permission of granting you access, is depended and subjective based upon your agreement, to all our site terms and conditions, privacy and copyright terms and respective risk disclaimers. of which, you relieve us against any liabilities now or in the future, from the use and access of information, which are raw in nature in many cases, and you may suffer losses beyond your comprehension, leading to even cause of death, if you are walking across the street in deep confusion or doubt. 

INTRODUCTION TO FINANCIAL MARKETS & TRADING OPPORTUNITIES IN COMMODITY, CURRENCY, & FINANCIAL FUTURES – Archived on: Jan 2, 1995 | http://ul3.com/dAFWj  | http://dynamictrader.org/financial-markets-trading-opportunities-commodity-currency-financial-futures/

We believe in is a world without borders. A world without barriers and monopolies protecting the inefficient are been questioned. The days of segregation are behind us. Talent remains global and capital follows it. Redundant processes once identified become obsolete. Value creation meets success. Technology deployment demands speed!. Its Human Evolution not Revolution. Will you sink or swim?.

Progressively Evolve and aggregate extensible success, deploy existing resources and reinvent. Strategic deployment and high standards delivers value to your customers, our customers!. To redefine processes, Ask BTAMSC, Give us a Challenge!.  As Quants, Data is our best friend, without bias and corruption, we identify the inefficient and make them obsolete. For a Better World! Full of Love. For you, for us and our Lovely Planet.

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Our data is not for sale. For fear of corruption and bias.
We practically have no clients, want no clients.
We seek value adding, performance driven, systematically executing; joint venture partners.

Venture capital is available, meeting such criteria.

Our Services. We can help you;
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Restructure skills and resources assets globally with BTAMSC start to end solutions.

ReAlign resources to specific tasks, objectives to meet goals, outlined in milestones.

RePresent in various online channels and grow to your full potential.

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– Global Economic Collapse  January 18, 2016

And Why;
Technopreneurship Development – Daniel Mankani. http://ul3.com/kcYCE
– Published Sep 2003. Pearson Education Asia


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